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Ore Beneficiation

Tire mobile screener

Feed particle size480-850mm.

Processing capacity45-500t/h.

Applicable materialBroken construction waste, rocks, ore, block roads, old asphalt concrete, etc..

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The Tire mobile screener is a high-efficiency screening device that uses self-driving, technology and full-featured functions. This equipment can reach any position on the work site under any terrain conditions. This reduces the handling of the material and facilitates the coordination of all auxiliary machinery. With a wireless remote control, it is very easy to drive the screen to the trailer and transport it to the job site. Because there is no need to assemble time, the equipment can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the job site. No need to use electricity, diesel engine to provide powerful power, its optimized design can meet the technical characteristics required by the screening machine, high productivity, uniform particle size of the finished product.

Tire mobile screener features and advantages:
1. Equipped with a high performance screening box;
2, automatic screening movement and adjustment, screening efficiency is greater;
3. Strictly manage all operating units to improve product life and reliability;
4. Features of low noise and low emissions.


Model Transportation Length(mm) Transportation Width(mm) Transportation Height(mm) Crusher1 Crusher2 Vibrating feeder Weight(t) Vibrating screen Belt conveyor above screen Under vibrating screen Main belt conveyor Double side-opening belt conveyor
Y3S23G93E46Y55B 15200 2900 4350 PE400×600 PYB900 GZD750×2500 45 3YZS1237 B500×14M B650×6M B650×9M B500×4M


The main crushing equipment of the mobile crushing and screening station is a crusher. The jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher can be selected. The material is evenly conveyed into the crusher through the feeder, and is crushed by the crusher. In the future, the closed-circuit system is formed by a circular vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of materials, and the materials meeting the particle size requirements are output by the conveyor, thereby achieving the production purpose. The mobile crushing station can also remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production needs, and directly crush the material, and then carry out specific operations with other crushing equipment, which is convenient and flexible.

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