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Mobile rock crusher

Feed particle size200-800mm.

Processing capacity70-650t/h.

Applicable materialConstruction waste, reinforced concrete, pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, diabase..

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[Performance Advantages]: The Mobile rock crusher can directly select the site and directly open to the site, without transportation, directly reach the finished product granularity.


input(mm) 200 300 600 800
adjustment range (mm) 22-32 22-32 22-32 26-51


A Mobile rock crusher, the stone is firstly crushed, and then sent to the mobile counter-attack through a belt conveyor. The main function of the second-stage crushing is that a mobile counter-crushing station consists of a counter-attack and a vibrating screen. There are three or four types of stone from the vibrating screen. The fine material is directly sent away. The large pieces of stone from the vibrating screen are sent to the vibrating screen through two conveyor belts and then sieved once, and then crushed once, so that the large pieces of stone will be Less and less, the finished product granularity has reached the needs of users.

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